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Providing services to a Calgary based MSP

Client Overview

The client is an MSP headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. Its clients include a clientele from various industries namely, oil, Insurance, Financial sectors etc. spread across  North America. They provide 24*7 IT services which include on-demand on-site and remote support.


The client was looking for a solution to fine-tune its managed services and extend their coverage from normal business hours to 24 hours. They wanted support on various tasks like helpdesk support (email and phone), server patching and maintenance, proactive and preventative tasks etc.

The client was also looking for a long term solution to reduce its bottom line spending i.e. human resource, infrastructure and employee benefit expenses. They wanted the remote team to work as an extension but not as a replacement of the full time/ on-site resources. They wanted to plug financial leaks caused by sudden and unintentional overheads.

Finally, they wanted a solution to quickly move resources from daytime coverage to nighttime coverage and vice-versa. They needed assured coverage during federal holidays and other unplanned occurrences like Covid-19 or natural disasters

Solution and Outcome

After the initial meetings with the provider and post understanding their business needs, Cognizip designed a process and assigned resources based on the requirements. Subsequently, more remote resources were assigned to the client. Client feedback was taken on a regular basis and adjustments were made accordingly.

Since the onboarding of new resources, the client has not only broadened its service portfolio & improved overall customer satisfaction but also reduced its HR cost significantly.

They no longer need to go through hundreds of resumes, interview tens of candidates and deal with hiring agencies.

They were able to control their bottom-line expenses and increase their profit margins

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