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Supporting a Waterloo Based MSP to save costs

Client Overview

The client is one of the oldest MSPs in the Greater Toronto Area and is located in the Waterloo, which is home to Blackberry, Athena and other reputed tech companies. Client X’s clientele is diverse which ranges from Insurance companies, payday loan organizations, educational institutes and so forth.


When Client X was approached by Cognizip’ s business development department, they were looking for a remote team which can work in tandem with their current full time/on-site team.

The following challenges were identified and shortlisted.


  1. How to reduce employee onboarding turnaround time?

  2. How to reduce bottom line and recurring costs pertaining to hiring, employee benefits and infrastructure costs?

  3. How to bring workload under control for on-site resources which include helpdesk calls, handle complex projects and day to day tasks including patching and network monitoring and ticket board clean up?

  4. How to expand operation hours to 24*7*365?

  5. How to bring recurring paycheck costs under control?


Cognizip adopted a systematic approach to tackle each challenge individually. Through our knowledge and resource sharing partnership with our client, we were able to drive the following results.


  1. 55% lower onboarding time and 70% reduction in conducted interviews 

  2. Hiring, Employee Benefit and Infrastructure costs completely eliminated.

  3. Attendance rate up by 21% and ticketing board clutter down by 35%

  4. 50% increase in client's coverage hours 

  5. Since the onboarding of new resources, Client X has not only broadened their service portfolio, improved on overall customer satisfaction but also reduced their HR cost significantly.

    The client no longer needs to go through hundreds of resumes, interview tens of candidates and pay money to the hiring agencies. They are no longer liable to pay benefits and/or insurance to their full time and part-time employees. Employee paycheck has gone down to 55% and they have also saved on insurance and benefits. Overall, the client is saving more than 60% on a month to month basis.

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